Primary Maths – The Key to Your Child’s Future


If your child is struggling with Maths, or if you want to get them ahead, we are here to help. Your child’s performance in the Year 6 Maths SATs will determine their predicted grade - and which set they are placed in at secondary school. Ofsted now recognises that mastery of traditional arithmetic is the gateway to success in secondary maths.


How McKenzieTutor can help:


McKenzieTutor can make all the difference, even if your child has always struggled with Maths


We will give your child a simple test—going right back to the most basic skills—that will highlight specific areas for improvement.
We will set them achievable goals, then teach every skill properly, so that they always succeed. You will see them grow in confidence and begin to really enjoy their learning.
      Lessons will be exactly matched to your child’s needs using teaching materials that reflect the most recent research. You will see a rapid improvement in your child’s knowledge and skills.
  We will test your child at regular intervals so you will know how
quickly they’re catching up – or getting ahead!
Finally, your child will practise lots of SAT questions—so when the real ones come along, they will fully prepared, with no need to worry!

Contact us now to discuss your child’s individual needs.