Now in its second edition, Fast Maths is the perfect resource for helping children to learn their number bonds. Without thinking, they will just know the answers.


Having automatic recall of the answers to simple problems ('knowing your times tables') is a crucial skill that was overlooked for many years in maths education. Fast Maths authors, Tom Burkard and Colin McKenzie, conducted research that led to the publication of a policy paper, 'The Maths Revolution'* and resulted in Tom Burkard becoming an influential member of Ofsted's Maths Advisory Panel.

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How it Works... 

Pupils may work alone or in pairs. Because all are able to work independently and at their own pace, Fast Maths has proven to be very successful with whole classes, as well as for tutoring individuals or smaller groups.



Each lesson, pupils practise with flashcards, before completing one of a variety of tasks to reinforce recall. Then, they attempt to beat their own personal best time or qualify for the next level in a timed challenge.






OBJECTIVES - Fast Maths Teaches automatic recall of number bonds for addition and multiplication. Research has shown that automatic recall of number bonds frees up working memory for higher-order skills so that ALL subsequent maths becomes easier.


LESSON PLANNING - Each lesson, pupils take out their cards and practice for a short time - either alone or with their partner. Then, they simply carry on from where they left off the previous lesson. There are five possible lessons for each level, but some pupils will not need them all and will move through at a faster pace, qualifying for higher levels with faster times. Even those who normally struggle make excellent progress with Fast Maths - and they really enjoy it too!


PROOF OF PROGRESS -  Timed readings and progress test results are recorded clearly in the workbook. It's a great motivator for pupils and OFSTED will be impressed too!


COURSE CONTENT - Each pupil has their own workbook and two sets of flashcards, one for addition and one for multiplication. Full instructions are included with the book.