Our Services...

Working with parents, schools and community organisations to improve education.

Home schooling that is designed to be both effective - and cost effective.

Bespoke individual tuition and small group teaching.

Conducting and sharing cognitive science research.

Initial Teacher Training and Literacy Training.

Whole School and Department INSET.



We use a phonics-based approach based on the latest evidence from the cognitive sciences. We have over 30 years experience in teaching children to read, write and spell, with expertise in dyslexia and other learning difficulties - we know that ALL children can succeed. We use the Sound Foundations reading and spelling programme, written by Hilary and Tom Burkard, which has had proven success over many years.  

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Maths & Numeracy:

From Key Stage 1 to GCSE, we provide specialist tuition based on our own research and using our own resourced packages for intervention. We wrote the Prometheus Science 'Fast Maths' programme and our 'Maths Revolution' research contributed towards Ofsted's guidance for maths teaching in primary schools. For parents of primary pupils we guarantee success at KS2 arithmetic. We also guarantee to raise grades for all our GCSE students.

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SATs, GCSE and A Level:

Our directors are specialists in maths, science and literacy, but

we also work with successful, fully DBS-checked teachers to deliver outstanding tuition across a range of academic subjects, from  KS2 to GCSE and A Level. Please enquire for further details.

All of our teaching is tailored to the needs of the student, with regular tests providing proof of progress. We will assess your child's abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and provide targeted support that is guaranteed to work!

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Eleven Plus:

Our literacy and numeracy programmes afford the best possible preparation for the 11 Plus examination.

We provide dedicated 11 Plus resources, designed to familiarise students with the entrance exam. However we know that real 'high ability' cannot simply be coached. Children need to be taught properly, from an early age. 'Higher order' skills cannot develop without a solid foundation of Literacy, arithmetic and subject knowledge. We provide the complete package.

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Teacher Training and INSET:


We provide full in-school and online support for all of our literacy, numeracy and GCSE resources. We have trained many teachers, tutors and Learning Support staff in the use of phonics to teach students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Our directors have outstanding records of achievement in leading school departments to record results.

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Home Schooling:

We aim to provide the complete home-schooling package for parents who have decided that school is not the best route to success for their child.

We teach some children whose experience of school was one of fear and failure. Watching them learn and succeed in a happy and carefree environment is a joy to behold. That's not to say we aren't rigorous, or don't have high standards. We take full responsibility for their learning and expect them to achieve the highest possible grades in nationally recognised exams.